Huawei is still finding a way to somehow add Android support on the Mate 30 smartphone despite the trade ban hindering them. As Google’s support has been cut off from Huawei, the Chinese tech giant proposes a risky alternative for its users. Additionally, the next Huawei smartphone will have Android support and puts Mate 30 in a bad spot.

Previously, Huawei relied on a Chinese developer, LZPlay, to provide the Android features on the Mate 30. The third-party developers made an app that unofficially allow Mate 30 owners to install Android apps on the smartphone. However, the settings that the LZPlay apps alters to get those apps in puts its users in security risks which has been the supposed reason why Huawei is banned in the U.S.

Since the Mate 30 has an on-off relationship with the Android support, Huawei is currently instructing its owners to revert back to using the LZPlay app and asking newer Mate 30 adopters to do the same too.

Its lack of Android app support is currently a disadvantage for the Mate 30 as users won’t be able to rely on useful apps like Google Maps, and Play Store. It also has no access to Apple’s own utility and apps and Huawei has yet to introduce any apps that works similarly on the Mate 30. Even Huawei’s standalone smartphone operating system, Harmony OS, doesn’t have it on the device.

Lastly, Mate 30 is not even available on the U.S. which is a heavy loss for Huawei. The U.S. is considered to be one of the largest regions to sell gadgets and other smart devices. Currently, the Huawei Mate 30 is not looking well.

However, Huawei still has a chance to recover with the Nova 5T’s release in Europe this November. The Nova 5T is safe from the ban and will still be able to support Android apps on release. Potentially, the Mate 30 could easily be forgotten with this release for a more convenient experience on the common consumer’s end.

Huawei’s workaround on the Mate 30 requires users to fully have an idea on how the third-party app works to get the Android utilities in the device. This extra work could heavily affect how consumers look at the device and discourage them from buying such a device.

For now, we’ll have to wait for how the Mate 30 does in its first quarter if it truly falls behind its rivals from Apple and Samsung.

Huawei faces being banned from the crucial US market and from buying American components
Huawei faces being banned from the crucial US market and from buying American components AFP / Christof STACHE