Huawei is still barred from doing business in the U.S. as the end of 2019 draws near. However, the company is still growing strong and competing, even about to overtake, its rivals. Despite the company’s growth, Huawei’s lead is yet to be sure as the holiday season is closing in.

According to analyst firm Canalys, Huawei is is still leading in the smartphone industry in growth for its third quarter. Compared to its rivals, Huawei has experienced an additional 29 percent annual growth for its international smartphone shipments.  Meanwhile, Samsung pales in this growth with only an additional 11 percent growth while Apple has a negative 7 percent growth.

Currently, Huawei is still banned from working U.S. businesses and is finding ways to recover from their losses on other countries. Even so, Huawei is still experiencing a way better growth on selling its smartphones on other countries. Huawei’s rivals, Samsung and Apple, still have a good  size of the market shares for smartphones. Huawei has yet to fully overtake both companies in control of the top market share in the smartphone industry.

Canalys senior analyst, Ben Stanton, confirms that Huawei still needs to succeed with its post-ban products such as the Mate 30. Huawei’s barred access to major tech countries could potentially slide its growth further down if it’s not successful in other overseas markets such as Europe. As of now, Apple is seeing a large success with the iPhone 11 and Samsung is yet to capture the hearts of customers with its new releases.

Moreover, the U.S. government is pressuring its allies such as the UK and India to not accept the 5G infrastructure deal with Huawei. The delays in these deals could heavily affect Huawei’s income in the future as the company sees this as an alternative to the loss of sales in the U.S.

By early 2020, Huawei will be releasing its Y-series and P-series smart devices. These new devices will be the starters for the company’s growth in the upcoming year. Huawei will need to pull off a large success to keep its momentum if the Entity List ban is still heavily affecting company’s income.

For now, Huawei will need to keep its high numbers up to not heavily fall behind its major competitors who are starting to release its own set of devices too.

Huawei faces being banned from the crucial US market and from buying American components Huawei faces being banned from the crucial US market and from buying American components Photo: AFP / Christof STACHE