A 12-foot-long python fell through the ceiling of a university in Thailand, leaving students and teachers horrified.

A video of the incident released Monday showed the huge reptile dangling in the middle of a corridor after falling through a wooden ceiling. The snake then stretches out fully before flickering its tongue. It then curls back toward the roof.

Meanwhile, the students and lecturers fled in terror and the busy corridor was vacated. However, in the video, one girl could be seen standing in the corridor, at a safe distance from the snake. She then stared at the reptile before laughing loudly and leaving the corridor. The exact date of the incident was not known.

Speaking to local media Monday, lecturer Phupa Phuwananon said he panicked after seeing the python slithering through the roof.

“There are lots of the reptiles living around our campus, but seeing a snake hanging down from the ceiling was so surprising. I think the reason the snake was up there because of its nest, or some of prey such as rats might have been running around up there and it was trying to catch them,” he said.

A rescue team was called to the scene and the reptile was rescued and released into the wild.

The incident comes less than a month after a 10-foot-long python slithered into a classroom full of students at a university in Thailand. Students and the lecturer were left terrified after the snake fell from the ceiling onto the professor's desk before slithering across the tiles. A video of the incident showed the school's security guard attempting to rescue the snake by holding onto its tail with his bare hands. He then ties a long lasso around the reptile’s neck. The snake was then released into the woods.

Representational image ARUN SANKAR/AFP/Getty Images