• Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds feud started a long time ago, and yes it’s still ongoing
  • Jackman said the reason behind the feud was Reynolds’ insatiable need for attention
  • Jackman also said that Reynolds manipulated him via social media to do what he wanted
  • Both tried a truce in February 2019 but it did not work out
  • Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the pair tried to make things work for the #AllInChallenge

Hugh Jackman claimed that his feud with Ryan Reynolds started began because of the “Deadpool” actor’s insatiable need for attention.

During his online interview at “The Late Late Show With James Corden,” the British host asked the “Wolverine” actor how this feud —although people already knew it’s faux— started. The 51-year-old actor was quick to respond, pointing out that it was Reynolds who started it.

“Ryan started it,” Jackman said. “Insatiable need for attention.”

Jackman further told Corden that Reynolds started calling him out and began an online petition for the Australian-British actor to come back playing the role Logan, a mutant with three retractable claws on each hand and has an impressive regenerative ability.

Hugh Jackman Logan
Hugh Jackman’s recent comments about “Logan” being in “a slightly different universe” caused some fans to worry. 20th Century Fox

Jackman and Reynolds called a truce in February 2019 to promote each other’s businesses —Laughing Man Coffee for Jackman and Aviation American Gin for Reynolds.

That truce, however, did not last very long. Notwithstanding, the online faux arch-nemesis announced another cease-fire amid the coronavirus pandemic. The #AllInChallenge, according to Jackman, would benefit five foundations and charities.

Jackman and Reynolds previously worked together in the movie “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” The pair, who developed a strong friendship while filming, also began poking fun at each other, Pop Sugar reported.

Jackman, on a separate interview with The Daily Beast, revealed that he used to ream Reynolds because he was very close with Reynold’s now ex-wife, Scarlett Johansson, Insider reported. Jackman told Reynolds, who came to the movie set, to be on his best behavior because he was watching.

Jackman said that the banter escalated to the “Deadpool” thing, then Reynolds calling him out and tried to manipulate him via social media to do what he [Reynolds] wanted.

Jackman, on the other hand, took manipulation to the next level when he connived with actor Jake Gyllenhaal and staged an epic prank against Reynolds in December 2018. Reynolds showed up in a party themed as Christmas sweater realizing later on that he was the only one who took the effort to dress up, EW reported.

Come to think of it though. Jackman and Reynold’s faux feud, just like a strong friendship, withstood the test of time.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds released a funny new video. They are pictured at Comic-Con on July 11, 2015 in San Diego, California. Kevin Winter/Getty Images