• Details about the deal were discovered in a document found on Hunter's laptop: Report
  • Signees of the grain export deal reportedly included Hunter Biden and Joseph Cofer Black
  • It is unclear whether the grain export deal between Ukraine and China pushed through

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, was involved in a 2018 grain export deal between China and Ukraine, according to a report.

Hunter and seven other board members of Ukraine-based holding company Burisma reportedly signed the deal that authorized Vadym Pozharskyi, their adviser, to "represent with all Chinese Potential Shareholders for development, negotiation, and contracting issues as well as operation management of the project 'Sino Ukraine Silk Road Grain Port'" on July 27, 2018. Under the deal, Ukraine would export grain to China, according to the New York Post.

Former CIA officer and Burisma board member Joseph Cofer Black was also named as one of the signees of the grain export deal, the outlet reported.

The publication cited a document found in a laptop that Hunter allegedly dropped off and abandoned at a computer repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware, in April 2019 as proof of the transaction.

The New York Post noted that there were no other documents mentioning the “Sino Ukraine Silk Road Grain Port” project found in the laptop. It is unclear whether the deal pushed through or if the grain was ever shipped from Ukraine to China.

Pozharskyi, the adviser referenced in the grain export deal, was named in an email in which he thanked Hunter for introducing him to then Vice-President Biden in Washington in April 2015.

“Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together. It’s realty [sic] an honor and pleasure,” the email read, according to The Post.

When asked about the email, President Biden said it was part of a smear campaign. BBC also noted that, at the time, no evidence has emerged that Biden did anything to benefit his son.

Hunter, who served on the Burisma board from 2014, stepped down in April 2019, the same month he allegedly abandoned his laptop at the Delaware repair shop. When asked why he left the Ukrainian company’s board, Hunter reportedly said he did not want to distract from his father’s presidential bid.

Over recent months, several news outlets, including the New York Times, reported that they have authenticated some of the correspondence and documents contained on the laptop.

Hunter Biden, the 51-year-old lawyer and businessman-turned-painter who is the youngest son of President Joe Biden, is seen in May 2021
Hunter Biden, the 51-year-old lawyer and businessman-turned-painter who is the youngest son of President Joe Biden, is seen in May 2021 AFP / Brendan Smialowski

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