When “I Am Jazz” Season 4 returned to TLC on Tuesday, Jazz’s potential romance and her weight loss journey were highlighted in the episode. However, there’s also one issue that kept bugging Jazz in this week’s installment, and it’s her desire to drop out of high school.

In episode 6, Jazz grabbed the opportunity to open up to her parents about her school problem. “Every time I go to school, it’s just such a dread,” she said. This prompted her father Greg to ask if she has another option in mind. Jazz then confessed that she’s thinking of leaving high school and instead continue her education via a virtual school.

Unfortunately for Jazz, her mother Jeannette wasn’t sold on the idea of her daughter studying online. “Jazz has been unhappy with school for several years, but every year, we always get through it,” Jeannette revealed in her sit-down interview with Greg in this week’s episode. “To me leaving high school is like dropping out, and she needs structure.”

What’s worse is Jeannette has this fear that Jazz could totally become isolated from the real world and the latter’s weight gain problem could grow bigger. “She could fall prey to just hanging out in her room, binge-watching, eating and becoming more and more unhealthy,” Jeannette said.

While episode 6 was airing, Jazz took to Twitter to reiterate why she thinks virtual school is the best option for her right now. “If I feel stuck in a situation, I’m not going to force myself to be miserable. If virtual school will alleviate the stress I feel, then I’m going to pursue that opportunity,” she tweeted

However, Jazz’s fans are not in favor of the transgendered teen’s decision. Some voiced out via social media that Jazz should continue doing normal high school because she could continue to gain weight if she’s stuck at home and attending classes online.

Jazz has since admitted that she’s aware that doing virtual school may have its downsides, but she’s still planning to do it because of her current situation. “I understand what your [sic] saying, but in my situation I was balancing being the valedictorian of my class along with filming a TV show/doing advocacy and on top of that I had only one friend in school. It was just overwhelming and was actually the root to my binge-eating,” she explained in a now-deleted response to a fan.

Do you think Jazz should move forward with her plan to quit regular school and attend classes online? Sound off in the comments below.