Jazz Jennings
Jazz and her family are heading to New York City for another consultation in this week’s “I Am Jazz” Season 4 installment. Pictured: The transgendered teen attending the Cherry Pop Premiere at OutCinema at SVA Theater in New York City on June 19, 2017. Photo by Lars Niki/Getty Images for NewFest

When “I Am Jazz” returns to TLC this week, Jazz and her family will head to New York City for a vacation, and for Jazz to get another consultation on her desired bottom surgery. However, it appears the transgendered teen will be anxious to find out if she’s now eligible for the medical procedure.

“I’m kind of scared what Dr. Ting is gonna say,” Jazz tells her family in the sneak peek of“I Am Jazz” Season 4, episode 4. “The worst case scenario is that he tells me that I need the tissue expander, and that I’m not a good candidate for the peritoneal lining procedure.”

When Jeannette, who is listening intently to her daughter’s musings, chimes in saying, “And he says there’s the OR,” the conversation catches the attention of Greg. The troubled father then joins the dialogue and asks Jeannette to elaborate on why Jazz’s doctor is preparing an OR when she’s just heading for a consultation for the time being.

Tension then starts to build up when Greg points out to Jeanette that he was never informed of this possibility. “You didn’t share that with me though,” Greg sternly confronts his wife. This prompts Jeanette to apologize for not mentioning the OR. However, Greg isn’t just letting this slide. “You got to talk to me about stuff like this. You don’t just go and have surgery without talking to me,” he tells his spouse before the preview ends.

It appears there’s going to be a lot of family drama in this week’s installment. A previous trailer for “I Am Jazz” Season 4, episode 4 also shows Jazz confronting her father about his opposing view on her bottom surgery. “Is it true that you don’t want me to get the surgery until I’m adult? Is it true?” Jazz blurts out while her father is driving the car. Greg is then seen struggling to find the right words to appease his daughter.

The synopsis for the all-new episode, titled “Big Trouble in the Big Apple,” confirms that Jazz and Greg argue during their family outing. Jazz also admits in the episode that she is actually afraid of undergoing the painful procedure at her age. Does this mean Jazz will be postponing her bottom surgery for now? Find out in tonight’s episode.

“I Am Jazz” Season 4, episode 4 airs Tuesday, Jan. 23, at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.