The Sphinx and the Great Pyramids of Giza Julian Finney/Getty Images

Now you can travel to the pyramids of Egypt and see them up close -- without spending a dime.

Google announced a new addition to its Street View imagery in Google Maps on Wednesday: The monuments and pyramids of ancient Egypt.

You can tour the Great Sphinx in Egypt without ever leaving your home. Google Street View

The tool allows you to tour, up close and in 360 degrees, the historic sights of this ancient land. You can check out the Pyramids at Giza, including the Great Pyramid. Meander over to the Great Sphinx, the oldest and largest monumental structure in the world. And you can virtually tour a bevy of other breathtaking sites, like the Cairo Citadel, a medieval Muslim fortification and historic site, the Hanging Church, one of the oldest Coptic Churches in the world.

Egypt is just the latest addition to Google's ambitious Street View project, which includes many other famous world destinations, like the palaces in Venice, the Taj Mahal in India or the Grand Canyon in Arizona.