Google plans to debut Ice Cream Sandwich, an updated version of their mobile operating system, with the launch of the Galaxy Nexus smartphone in November. Android 4.0 is designed to be a system that works on smartphones and tablet computers. Any devices currently running the Google system have any number of different Android versions, including one version that was made specifically for tablets. The 4.0 update will roll out to some of the most current Android devices, but there is no official word from Google about who gets the update or when.

One mobile device maker, Taiwan's HTC, posted a message on their Facebook page in early November announcing a preliminary list of eight smartphones that they plan to update in early 2012.

However, absent from the list was the company's tablet computer, the HTC Flyer. The seven-inch device comes in a 3G (T-mobile only) or Wi-Fi format, has front- and rear-facing cameras and goes for $300 at Best Buy. It's been out for a few months now, but since HTC is so eager to update their smartphones, perhaps the Flyer could get the update as well.

Samsung, makers of the Galaxy Nexus device, have several tablet computers, so when the update does come out, their devices could be among the first to get it. Not only because they are working so closely with Google on the Galaxy Nexus, but because some of the tablets are very new and probably have the hardware specifications to run the next-generation Android 4.0. Based on that, here are the top five tablets likely to be first in line for ICS when it debuts.

Tell us in the comments if you think tablets will take longer to update, perhaps even taking several months to get the update.

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