Luther movie
Detective John Luther (Idris Elba) might be headed to the big screen for a "Luther" film. BBC/BBC America

“Luther” fans were lucky enough to see their beloved show return Thursday night. The British drama returned to BBC America for a two-hour special. If star Idris Elba has his way, that won’t be the last fans see of Detective John Luther.

For Elba, the two-episode Season 4 proved that a movie would be feasible. “It works. It has all the trimmings and fat of the old-school thrillers that we love — ‘Se7en’ and that type of thing,” Elba told the Hollywood Reporter. “Films with really epic moments, with storylines that are layered, and so on and so forth. The only difference is that this was on the small screen. But we proved to ourselves that we can certainly digest a Luther that is smaller and doesn't have a serial element. Now it's just a matter of going for it and trying to bring this to the big screen.”

Though the actor has been playing Luther since 2010, Elba still isn’t sick of the role. He recently assured audiences that he wants to play the character for as long as possible. “Luther is one of those characters that I think we could just keep going with,” he told Collider last week. “We’re very fortunate to have a character that falls into that very weird space. In this world that we live in right now, we’re also looking for someone to speak up and go, ‘What the f---?!,’ and Luther is that guy. I like that about Luther. To have someone that just goes, ‘Don’t worry about it, guys, I’m gonna put on my grey coat and my tie and I’ll take care of it,’ let’s have that. If I can play that part forever, I’ll do it.”

This isn’t the first time the “Beast of No Nation” star has discussed bringing “Luther” to the big screen. He has brought it up several times since the drama went on hiatus in 2013. “I have ambitions to take it into a film, make it a slightly bigger world,” he told TVLine in 2014.

Even if the BBC America drama doesn’t become a film, Elba is open to various ways of bringing the character back to life. “I'm far from done,” he told THR. “He's one of the characters that I love and have some say in where he goes. That's enjoyable as a producer. I don't see myself turning my back on it. I think there are various ways of dissecting Luther, from theater to film. I don't see why not.”

There currently aren’t any plans for “Luther” Season 5 or a movie. Would you like to see the story continue? Sound off in the comments section below!