It seems like every day there’s a new development in the world of legal sports betting in the United States; with more and more states legalizing sports betting, the industry is on track to add $100 billion to its value by 2025. In fact, legalized sports betting generated double the revenue in 2021 than the year prior, showing the practice’s clear growing popularity across the country, with another recent study revealing that more than 15.3 million Americans began betting on sports between March 2020 and September 2021, an overall 30 percent increase of the betting population and a trend concentrated across the younger generations. Looking to lead this new era of sports bettors to the win is Your Daily Capper, a trusted sports betting consultant that’s made a name for itself through its consistently good picks and buzzy Instagram presence.

After the Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 2019, which had been prohibiting most forms of legalized gambling on sporting events, this major victory for proponents of legal sports betting paved the way for more states to legalize sports betting. While New Jersey was the first state to legalize the practice, plenty followed its lead; now, 30 states and the District of Columbia have live and legal sports betting in place, with another 11 states currently working on legislation for themselves. With bountiful new bettors about to join the fast-growing industry upon further legalization, Your Daily Capper’s counsel as a respected sports betting authority is expected to increase in demand in turn.

Rather than limit itself to one singular sport, Your Daily Capper has harnessed the best of modern sports analytics to offer nuanced picks across a variety of athletics. Covering the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, the National Hockey League, college-level leagues like NCAA basketball and football, and extending into the international athletic world with coverage of certain soccer games, Your Daily Capper has been able to grow its loyal client base to more than 4,000 sports bettors. This same ethos extends into its pick sharing; all clients receive the picks of the day depending on the package they selected, even if that sport is not their forte, allowing Your Daily Capper clients to maximize their potential earnings. Clients, too, can customize their relationship with Your Daily Capper, with different packages ranging across different timeframes that can fit each bettor’s unique needs and schedule.

What’s really made Your Daily Capper stand out from the average sports consultant is its meticulous methodology, utilizing statistics, team history and state-of-the-art data acquisition to arrive at its picks of the day, which are promptly delivered to clients the morning prior to a game. Though not a perfect science, Your Daily Capper has been able to fine-tune its strategies to push potential sports earnings to high levels, earning trust and repute from its clients that’ve converted into more than 155,000 Instagram followers along the way. And with sports betting on the rise, Your Daily Capper’s sage advice on the practice is expected to become an integral asset in the arsenals of serious U.S. sports bettors moving forward.