Illegal immigration is the issue of the week in Frederick County, Maryland following an incident last week in which an illegal immigrant was charged with murder.

Blaine Young, the county president, said he plans to make Frederick the most unfriendly county in the state of Maryland to illegal aliens, and to wear that with a badge of honor, according to the Baltimore Sun.

The county is trying to pass legislation that would make it very difficult for illegal immigrants to find jobs or a place to live. This is in addition to the county sheriff moving 1,000 illegal immigrants towards federal authorities and deportation; over the past three years, according to the Sun.

This is more than a political issue, though--its a family feud. Blaine Young, a Republican, is on the opposite side of the issue from his father, Democratic State Sen. Ronald N. Young.

We always have and always will need immigrants, said Ronald N. Young. We need to have immigration reform ... [but] it ought to occur in Washington.

The murder that sparked this debate happened in a Burger King earlier this month.

Jose Reyes Mejia-Varela, who has been charged with the crime, has been deported before, according to the local ABC affiliate.

There was already a movement towards strengthening immigration policies in Frederick County, but the murder changed the timetable.

What happened was this hit kind of close to home. So we kind of fast-tracked some of those initiatives we want to look at, Blaine Young said, according to the TV station.