Kristen Stewart
Kellan Lutz said he had hoped to join Kristen Stewart (pictured) in the cast of "Still Alice," but didn't get the part. Reuters

Kellan Lutz, who is famous for his role of Emmett Cullen in “The Twilight Saga” film series, has opened up about co-star Kristen Stewart in his latest interview. The 30-year-old also talked about the kind of fame he got from working on the “Twilight” films and how he handled it.

In his recent interview with Elle magazine, Lutz said he was eager to work with Stewart on the movie “Still Alice.” He liked the “brilliant” script and also asked Stewart to put in a “good word” for him. But the role of the brother, for which he was aiming, was grabbed by actor Hunter Parrish.

Lutz said he has high regards for Stewart and says the media are always trying to project a different image of her. “But, regarding Kristen, you know, I'm proud of her for being herself. Times have changed now -- there's a lot of invasion of privacy and a lot of ruined moments,” Lutz told Elle. “What [the paparazzi] take, capture, and release is often taken as a reflection of who that person is,” he added.

Lutz also talked about how he handled fame after the release of “Twilight.” “The Legend of Hercules” actor told the magazine that he loves the idea of being in the news and getting all the attention. He also learned that “if you make your fans your friends, they’re not as crazy.” Most actors are so shy and unapproachable that the fans just want to “rip their clothes off of them.” The key to handle the fan frenzy is to become approachable and friendly with your fans, says the actor.

Talking about his childhood, Lutz said that he started modeling when he was a teenager. He made a decent amount of money from various print ads and also modeled for a clothing brand -- Abercrombie & Fitch. He also became a “shirtless model” when he first came to Los Angeles. The magazine also asked him if he wonders what people think of him. “Honestly, I don’t care,” replied the actor, adding that he is not on social media either. He does have an Instagram account but it is not open to public. He uses the secret account to stay in touch with his family and friends during his travel.