Dissecting the bits and pieces of the latest firmware code for iPhone shows a great posibility that Apple is indeed developing a new version of the iPhone.

MacRumors says a clear reference to the next version of the smartphone was engraved deep in the iPhone's system software but hints doesn't bring to give more new information about the upcoming iPhone. The new model number can be found in the USBDeviceConfuguration.plist in an unencrypted firmware.

The iPhone 2.x Firmware has a reference to a model called iPhone2,1. This isn't the original or the current iPhone 3G, as these are described in the firmware as iPhone1,1 and iPhone1,2, Apple uses a specific numbering scheme in firmware to distinguish between iPhone models. In a firmware code the firstgeneration iPhone 2G is labeled as iPhone 1,1, while the 3G is iPhone 1,2 - the numbers represent functionality of different devices.

Additionaly, MacRumors also says that Apple will embed Intel atom into iPhone - Multi-cores in a cell phone. It would be a multi-core CPU and or GPU. Experts says that if this would come [multi-cores in a cellphone] MMS, Video, Recording, Wifi, Bluetooth, Games and etc would come out as a posible result, iPhone can be transformed in to a powerfull device that would become the all in one gadget of all time.

There are lot of rumours and no actual information regarding the next-generation iPhone but Apple does not yet give any comment.