The “Ink Master” judges might not think the Season 4 contestants are bringing their “A-game” when it comes to the tattoo challenges, but the 16 remaining artists are definitely bringing the drama. Episode 2 found one person’s shop on the line, but the elimination ceremony was simplified for the judges when one contestant chose to take themselves out of the competition.

What happened in week 2 that made an artist throw the towel in on the $100,000 grand prize? Unfriendly housemates!

Tattoo artist Ashley Bennett of South Windsor, Conn., wound up in the bottom three after bombing the flash challenge. Bennett wasn’t the only contestant in the bottom, but she did proceed to make a big deal out of it when they all returned to their house – even going as far as to call herself “the mayor of suck city.” As she threw herself a pity party of one, her behavior began to irritate her competitors – leading to a nasty showdown with Jim Francis.

“You’re in a competition,” Francis said in one his nicer comments to her. “Buck up, camper.”

But Bennett was on the attack and countered by calling him a “d*** head” … to which he replied that he graduated to being a “whole d***.”

With the elimination tattoo ahead of them and Bennett on everyone’s nerves, Halo decided to assign her one of the more difficult human canvases – a woman who wanted a realistic eye on her foot. Bennett and her canvas clashed the whole time, but in the end the artist felt comfortable going into the elimination … until she started to hear the judges rip apart her fellow contestants. Beginning to cry and bug out before Chris Nunez, Dave Navarro, Oliver Peck and guest judge Tommy Montoya even get to her, Bennett had a complete meltdown when she finally got the chance to talk.

“I cannot take it anymore,” she cried before the judges even looked at her canvas. “I got nothing left … I’m a girl this is what I do, I cry.”

“Have you seen this competition before?” Dave Navarro asks her. But Ashley is bent on removing herself from the situation. “I don’t want to do this anymore,” she continues. “I cannot stress this enough.”

And before any of her crying can continue, Kyle Dunbar completely snaps. Calling her an “attention w****,” he proceeds to yell at her to “calm the f*** down, shut the f*** up and let’s just get on with it.”

Dunbar’s outburst not only resulted in Bennett walking out of the elimination and contest, but also led Nunez to call him “insane.” With the judges confused as to what just happened, they disband the group to give Navarro time to speak with Bennett. “Talk to me,” he begged as she packed her suitcase (which just so happened to feature eyeballs). But she was done talking. “This is too heavy, way too heavy,” she told him. “I rather just back out before I embarrass myself.”

And unfortunately Bennett was right – because the judges all agreed that her tattoo belonged in the bottom three. But needless to say, none of her fellow tattoo artists were too upset about her quitting. Her departure did end up saving Roland Pacheco and Randy Vollink, who once again had the worst tattoos in the challenge.

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