“Ink Master” brought the drama all season, and on May 20 the Season 4 finale didn’t disappoint. Finalists Walter “Sausage” Frank, Matti Hixson and Scott Marshall put everything on the line for their 35-hour back piece, and with the help of viewers, judges Dave Navarro, Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez decided the winner that would not only walk away with the title of “Ink Master” but also a $100,000 grand prize and an interview in Inked Magazine.

So, who was crowned the Season 4 winner?

Matti Hixson was the first finalist to be eliminated after unveiling his 35-hour back tattoo. And, while the judges gave him glowing reviews for his piece, there were ultimately a few flaws (or nit-picking as the judges told the artist). Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez criticized the neck on the woman, Matti’s decision to not have the hair flow, and the way that the piece faded out to light at the bottom.

Ink Master Matti Hixson's final canvas Photo: Spike

With Matti gone, “Ink Master” fans were left with this season’s rivals  -- Sausage and Scott. The pair went head-to-head all season, giving each other tough canvases and laying into each other for their work. In the end, it all came down to their two final pieces, which were similar in nature.

For Sausage’s final piece, the tattoo artist worked with his human canvas to create a gothic woman -- heart in her hand and crow above her. The judges complimented Sausage’s bright colors and decision to incorporate thin and think lines, but nit-picked the way the crow flowed out of her hair.

Ink Master Sausage's final canvas Photo: Spike

Scott on the other hand debuted his piece which featured a dark and gothic woman with a heart in her hands. Like Sausage, the judges complimented his use of color. And, while they had nothing horrible to say about the heart and snake wrapped hand of the tattoo, they criticized the odd shape of the woman’s face.

Ink Master Scott's final canvas Photo: Spike

With both final pieces having minor flaws, the judges after a painful pause announced that Scott has what it takes to be “Ink Master.” Putting aside their differences all season, Sausage congratulated Scott on his win and the stage flooded with the Season 4 cast members.

But Spike’s reality show had one more surprise in store for viewers. For the past two seasons, fans had the chance to vote back their favorite eliminated contestant for the opportunity to compete again -- Tatu Baby in Season 3 and Kyle Dunbar in Season 4. This time the series decided to ditch the vote back and instead recast two members of Season 3, Jason Clay Dunn and Joshua Hibbard.

“Ink Master” fans will remember that the pair butted heads throughout the entire Season 3, taking their criticism and fighting up a notch from Scott and Sausage’s epic Season 4 battles. So, why is the show bringing the two enemies back? Because “Season 5: Rivals” is the new name of the game.

The twist for next season means that every tattoo artist will be bringing a rival to the competition. And, if Joshua and Jason’s fights in Season 3 are any indication of what’s to come, viewers should expect some mega-drama  potentially on the Kyle Dunbar scale.

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