The “Ink Master” grand prize is closer than ever. After weeks of tattooing and fighting for a spot in the Season 4 finale, the judges finally narrowed the competition down to the top 3 finalists -- Sausage, Scott Marshall and Matti Hixson. And, in usual “Ink Master” fashion, it was a battle to the very end

The May 13 episode dropped the flash challenge in order for Sausage, Scott, Matti and Halo to tattoo the scars of breast cancer survivors. But that wasn’t the only tattoo challenge of the night. The gang was also set up with a separate six hour ink time … to do cover up work from the Season 4 premiere.

“Ink Master” viewers will remember that in order to earn their spot the tattoo artists had to do convention style tattooing. Because they were trying to cram in a handful of tattoos during that time, some of the work was botched.

So, who were the shamed tattoo artists who the foursome had to cover up? Gentle Jay, King Ruck, Melissa and Jim. However, the challenge had two twists -- first that one of the human canvases would be getting a fresh tattoo, and second that the human canvases would be choosing who they wanted to work with.

Needless to say, everyone wanted the fresh tattoo. And, Halo went as far as to tell the other human canvases that he doesn’t do cover ups -- “period.” Fortunately, his tactic of putting all his eggs in one basket worked out for him, but when time was up he somehow ended up with the weakest tattoo.

Judges Dave Navarro, Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez praised Sausage as having the best tattoo of the day, giving him one of the coveted spots in the season finale. Scott followed Sausage, leaving the judges to decide between eliminating Halo or Matti (mohawk vs. mohawk).

Ultimately, Matti ended up winning the last spot, forcing Dave Navarro to tell Halo that he does “not have what it takes to be Ink Master.” But Dave Navarro had more to say, following up by telling Halo that “this is the most heart wrenching time” that he has ever had to say “you do not have what it takes.”

With Halo gone, the final three contestants received their final challenge -- the 35 hour finale tattoo. The contestants have the ability to work on the 35 hour tattoo over the course of a couple months and it could be their own original idea. However, the judges announced one twist -- the tattoos must all be a back piece.

Matti, Sausage and Scott will all be returning to New York for the Season 4 finale of “Ink Master” on May 20 to display their human canvases. Fans of the Spike series can also look forward to seeing Season 3 winner Joey Hamilton return to work on a tattoo in front of the live audience.

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