It was the night “Ink Master” fans were waiting for – the highly anticipated Kyle Dunbar vs. Chris Nunez fight. The “Ink Master” judge and contestant finally went head to head … and it was pretty awesome.

For those that haven’t been watching Season 4, Dunbar has been taking a pretty serious beating during the elimination rounds. But he hasn’t been the only one. The judges – Chris Nunez, Dave Navarro and Oliver Peck – have had high expectations for all the contestants, and haven’t been impressed with the work they’ve been producing. In order to make the group step up their game, the judges turned to eliminating two contestants at a time instead of one.

Dunbar’s been upset and angry at the judges – specifically Nunez – for the past few weeks, but he hit the boiling point at the end of episode 7.

“Tell Kyle Dunbar that he should have been down here,” Nunez told Gentle Jay after the week 7 elimination. “And he could have justifiably left.”

Gentle Jay relayed the message to Dunbar, and the tattoo artist decided that he couldn’t let Nunez’ latest comment slide. Gathering for the week 8 flash challenge, Dunbar didn’t even let Navarro finish his introduction before interrupting.

“Calling me out,” Dunbar said, looking Nunez in the eye. “You gonna call me out?”

Confused as to why Dunbar was starting with him, Nunez asked if he was going to “mad dog” him. But Dunbar made it clear that he wasn’t just going to “mad dog” him … he wanted a fight.

“I’d tattoo circles around you,” the “Ink Master” contestant argued. But Nunez didn’t agree. “Dude, you’re awful,” he said with a laugh.

With a crazy look in his eyes, Dunbar approached the judge while everyone began to freak out. And despite his fellow contestants' and the production crew's attempt to stop him, he gave Nunez the ultimate “bro bump.”

“Get your hands off me d***head,” Nunez yelled as crew members tried to separate the two. But Dunbar was committed to a fight. “You’re a b***, yo,” he countered.

With that Nunez told Dunbar to bring it outside. But the judge didn’t want to fight, he wanted the chance to calm the contestant down.

“I don’t need to be anyone’s f***ing punching bag,” Dunbar told the three judges. But Nunez countered by saying that that’s the name of the “Ink Master” game.

“You came to a f***ing show, what do you think?” he asked. “Are you doing better than Scott or Sausage? I’m gonna call you a b**** back, but we’re still not going to fight.”

Dunbar didn’t care for Chris Nunez’ answer though, and chose to keep pushing him.

“Don’t f***ing do it man, you got kids,” a crew member said in one last attempt to stop the contestant. And that's what finally ended the fight. While no punches were actually thrown, in the end Dunbar was kicked out of the competition for trying to fight Nunez.

“This isn’t a fluff show,” Dave Navarro explained. “Everyone is getting beat up.”

[Click HERE to watch a piece of the Kyle Dunbar vs. Chris Nunez fight.]

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