The “Ink Master” newbies might finally catch a break. Season 7 of the Spike reality series introduced a veteran’s “revenge” twist, making eight new artists go up against previous “Ink Master” cast members. Each week another alum enters the competition to shake things up, and so far they’ve managed to take the lead. However, last Tuesday’s installment sent veteran St. Marq packing.

Episode 6 begins with everyone in shock over St. Marq getting sent home instead of Alex. The new artists are happy that they were finally able to send home a veteran, and Anthony jokes that St. Marq should change his name from “Tattoo God” to “Tattoo Fraud.”

The battle for the $100,000 grand prize continues with a flash challenge that tests composition. They must work in teams of two and use a power washer to create a design on a 53-foot semi-truck. And because Sausage won the elimination tattoo, he gets to assign the teams.

Sausage chooses to work with Jime, and they decide to create a smaller image with more detail rather than use the whole space. Meanwhile, Megan Jean and Christian struggle with their assigned roles. Megan Jean feels like she’s doing all the work, but has to because Christian can’t control the power washer. Cleen, who is working with Alex, shares similar feelings. Alex thinks he caught a lucky break by getting matched up with Cleen, but Cleen doesn’t like carrying all the weight.

Surprisingly, Anthony and Matti work really well together, and their end result shows. Judges Dave Navarro, Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez praise them for using the entire canvas and including details. They name them the winner of the flash challenge, giving them the opportunity to assign the human canvases for the elimination tattoo.

But before the artists can get to that point, they have to welcome another veteran to the competition. This week Season 2 competitor Sarah Miller joins the game. Sarah reveals that everyone must tattoo a “surrealist female” with the focus on composition. She gives a whole list of rules that make the other competitors begin to panic. To make things even more challenging, the human canvases have difficult skin to work with and complicated design ideas.

Cleen gets frustrated with the surrealism twist and doesn’t grasp how to please his client, who wants a wolf and woman’s face morphing. Sausage, on the other hand, is struggling with the placement of the tattoo. Fortunately he’s able to convince his human canvas to give up the idea of a full mermaid, and instead stick with just a face. That makes things slightly easier for him.

Overall it’s a rough challenge for everyone. The judges find flaws with almost every tattoo during the critique.

  • Dave says that while Matti’s tattoo is beautiful, there is nothing surreal about it.
  • Oliver doesn’t like the layout or composition of Cleen’s piece.
  • The face of Jime’s tattoo is great, but Chris thinks the composition falls flat.
  • The judges criticize Sausage for having “jacked up” bubbles and not using enough black.
  • Alex fails to bring his girlfriend’s face to life on his human canvas, creating more of an alien-like creature.
  • Oliver dislikes Christian’s composition, but agrees he created a beautiful face.
  • Anthony receives praise for the shading and darkness in his piece.
  • The judges all love Megan Jean’s tattoo. However, they don’t like her attitude. When she says she’s tired of being in the competition, they tell her to get her head back in the game.
  • Sarah may have assigned the challenge, but she definitely didn’t nail it. Chris criticizes her for not considering the skin of her canvas when tattooing.

The judges agree that Megan Jean stands out as the winner of the episode 6 elimination tattoo. But who is going to be sent home?

The human canvas jury decides Alex has the worst tattoo of the day. Cleen, Sarah and Jime join Alex at the bottom and must face the judges.

Everyone has major flaws with their tattoos, but in the end the judges agree that Alex does not have what it takes to be the next “Ink Master.”

Ink Master Season 7, episode 6 Alex is eliminated from the competition in episode 6 of “Ink Master” Season 7. Photo: Spike