Ink Master
Kelly Doty will have to team up with another person on her team in episode 4 of “Ink Master” Season 8. Spike

“Ink Master” is not getting any easier. Oliver Peck and Chris Núñez want the best of the best on their teams in Season 8, and the time has come to start weeding out the weak players.

A preview for episode 4 of the Spike reality series, titled “Put your Armor On,” reveals that no team is safe from elimination this week. In fact, they’re completely skipping the flash challenge and jumping right into the elimination tattoo.

“I was all ready for a flash challenge today,” Kelly Doty says. “I thought we were going to have to paint road kill, or something. But no, it’s an elimination challenge. And somehow that’s worse than road kill.”

Eight artists remain on both Team Peck and Team Núñez — and one artist from each team is going home at the end of the elimination tattoo. But, of course, the judges have one more twist. Host Dave Navarro reveals that they’re going to have to tattoo shoulder armor to transform their human canvas into a warrior. Oh, and they also have to tattoo in teams.

Tattooing is exactly a team sport, and contestants have had their feathers ruffled over working together in the past. However, this time around Peck and Núñez are making the teams. As Peck explains, he paired them up based on who he thinks will work well together.

Team Peck will have to tattoo leather armor, while Team Núñez will be tattooing metal armor. The contestants will be judged as a team, with the focus of the challenge being texture.

Watch a sneak peek from episode 4 of “Ink Master” below:

“Ink Master” Season 8, episode 4 will air on Spike on Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 10 p.m. EDT.