Another real estate property investment booked for Kanye West! Kim Kardashian’s husband reportedly bought a ranch in Wyoming for a whopping $14 million.

West bought the massive property called Monster Lake Ranch located outside Cody, Wyoming. TMZ were reportedly told that West did not pay the full price and he now owns 4,500 acres out of the 9,000 acres. The remaining half of the property was reportedly leased to the federal government.

West’s newly acquired property was formerly listed on the website of J.P. King Auction Company, who unfortunately, could not comment on either of their clients or purchasers’ behalf, Fox News reported.

The news outlet further reports that West is now in his Wyoming property, finishing up his “Jesus Is King” album. West’s newest album is reportedly expected to drop on Sept. 27.

As for fellas with curious eyes, here are the details of West’s new property.

Google Maps 62 Nielson Road, Cody, WY Photo: Google Maps

Located at 62 Nielson Road, Cody, WY, the Monster Lake Ranch Resort is divided into parcels, each having their unique amenities that can give visitors a profound western culture experience. According to the auction company’s website, there were three parcels already sold (parcel nos. 1, 5 and 7).

Parcel No. 1 has an area of 295 acre with 120 acre of private, freshwater lake, local restaurants and saloon, event-venue perfect for western-themed wedding and parties, maintenance shop, horse barns, sheds, corrals, storage facilities and a shooting range.

The Quick Lake property also features eight luxury cabins which can house up to 20 guests. If you are into catching monster fishes, this is the place to be. One can access this property from State Hwy 120, off Nielson Road.

Parcel No. 5 has an area of 35 acre. They called this property as Developmental Parcel because it is ideal for infrastructure such as Lodge, Hotel or RV Park due to its excellent income potential. This property is just adjacent to Quick Lake Parcel.

Parcel No. 7 has an area of 640 acre ideal for cattle grazing and recreational hunting. Known as the Big Horn Parcel, this property is reportedly surrounded outdoor attractions such as Bighorn National Forest and Cloud Peal Wilderness, Medicine Lodge Archaeological Site, Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Refuge, Yellow Tail Reservoir, Greybull Museum, Red Gulch Dinosaur Track Site and many more. This is reportedly the perfect spot for those people who love to do outdoor adventure and exploration.

For video of the property, click here but if you want the full image of the entire property, choose this link.