Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s life — most, if not all — had been the subject of the news headlines over the recent years. If one is a public figure, his or her privacy is almost reduced to none and this is what’s happening to the power couple.

The Kardashian family is always placed under the spotlight subject to scrutiny and Kim is not, and will probably never be exempted from that. She’s a Kardashian, so much and also the wife of one of the richest, most famous rappers in Hollywood.

Kardashian and West had greately valued their privacy, and fans are lucky enough that this power couple gave the public the opportunity to witness the inside of their home in Hidden Hills, California.

MTV International uploaded a video on YouTube showcasing the huge — yes, literally huge — Kardashian – West mansion. Take a peek below and see for yourself.

Kardashian and West’s $60 million mansion may look just empty but the home’s security is extra ordinary. Vogue writer Jonathan Van Meter described his experience when he entered the Kardashian – West home as something close to walking and passing through layers of Pentagon-level security, People reported.

Interestingly, Meter reportedly opted to pass through the garage. Revealed before his eyes was a security pod, manned for 24 hours a day, together with walls of shelves for Adidas Yeezy sneakers boxes and black suit cases.

Kardashian and West reportedly purchased the house for $20 million. The power couple then worked with Axel Vervoordt, a Belgian architect, in remodeling the home. The finished output revealed a church-like appearance with white as the prominent color.

Moving on to another confusing yet awesome feature of the Kardashian and West mansion is the bathroom. The sinks were just amazing. West, Vervoordt and Claudio Silverstrin drew and customized the not-so-ordinary sink (it looked more like a flat counter) that even if one turns on the faucet to full with high pressured water flowing from it, there won’t be any backsplash.

Kardashian and West’s master bathroom has its own patio and the entire ceiling is a light box. The bathtub? Apparently, it can fit all of their kids.

Kardashian and West’s master bedroom was jaw-dropping. Talk about technology? Kim showed her fans what a touch of the remote’s button can do to her 130-inch flat screen tv which slowly appeared from the floor of her room while the curtains gradually close, dimming the entire room.

The huge kitchen was well-organized and the house also featured a hallway full of portraits. The interior surface of Kardashian and West’s home was reportedly smooth primarily because the couple wanted an abode that didn’t need baby proofing.

The remodeling of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s home finished in December, 2017.