Taylor Swift bought Samuel Goldwyn’s house in Beverly Hills for $25 million, which she petitioned for its designation as a historic landmark in 2017. After diligent review of the “You Need To Calm Down” singer’s request, the Beverly Hills City Council unanimously voted in her favor, granting her plea.

What’s inside this Swift’s historic Beverly Hills mansion? See the video below posted by Hollywood Lifestyle in YouTube.

Swift’s mansion went a lengthy renovation process to have it restored to its original 1934 condition. The American songwriter placed a great deal of consideration in Goldwyn’s contribution to the film industry; hence her petition because wanted to ensure that the preservation of the mansion for future generations of movie fans, Parade reported.

One of the biggest contributor for Swift to attain that goal was reportedly her architect, Monique Schenk. Swift’s architect previously attended the council meeting and explained the “Love Story” singer’s plan with the old mansion.

Schenk reportedly said that they preserved and maintained the house’s elements. Meanwhile, they replicated the deteriorating ones.

Rehabilitating the house was not easy. In fact, it was tedious and painstaking. Swift’s architects had to restore the mansion’s oversized windows and replicate the wooden fencing, which was constructed from nearly 100 years ago. They also had to restructure the columns at the pool cabana.

Swift’s mansion has a 2-storey entrance hall leading to the public rooms, which includes a double formal living room, lavish dining room, kitchen, theater/screening room and classic, wood-paneled library.

Swift’s 10,982-square-foot mansion also has 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, all reportedly restored to its original prestige. Incorporating some modern feel to the mansion, Swift added private guest lofts above the garage, gym, card room, a guest suite with its very own private entrance, a huge lawn and a garden.

Of course, this isn’t the only mansion or property Swift owns. She reportedly has a penthouse in Nashville, an apartment in Tribeca, New York, and a beach home in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

Swift reportedly spent a whole lot of money renovating the said mansion. Of course, you wouldn’t expect less from a renowned celebrity singer – actress whose current estimated net worth is around $360 million. The Business Insider reported that Swift’s net worth grew due to her music, merchandise and endorsements.

The site further reported that Swift spent $84 million of her total money in expanding her real estate portfolio — that includes this historical mansion. At the same time, part of which had been reportedly donated to causes and charity.