Learning is an individual process. One of the main problems with formal education is that it doesn’t recognize this. Instead of promoting curiosity and through questions, it has students to repeat the same answers until they memorize them. Needless to say, this doesn’t foster innovation.

Some of the most influential leaders of our time—including Jeff Bezos and Larry Page—have developed their minds in educational systems that encourage learners to formulate their own theories and explore them autonomously. In models like these, teachers are guides and not necessarily sources of truth.

In this era, information is more available than ever. Because it this, new generations are looking for alternative to regular school. Instead of simply digesting information, they want to test their ideas and iterate from the results. With access to online resources, more alternative forms of education are emerging. As reported by Global Market Insights reports that The E-Learning Market size surpassed the USD 250 billion in 2020 and it’s anticipated to reach a staggering USD 1 Trillion by 2027. Formats ranging from podcasts to video courses are increasingly becoming more popular among millennials and Gen Zs.

The search for independence doesn’t only apply to learning. New generations find it hard to adapt to the old models of living, including work. Thanks to technology, now we have more means than ever to get out of the nine-to-five scheme and open their own shop. Zappier reports that a majority of Americans, (61%) has had the idea of starting a business. However, only 8% of them follow through with the projects. Perhaps their enthusiasm wanes.

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As the online dimension continues to expand, knowledge and the instruments to apply it will become more readily available. People who get stuck in traditions and formality, will not be able to adapt to changes. The future needs bold characters who are willing to take risks and go after their visions. You can train with the masters for free no matter where you are. Just follow Millionaire Motivator.