With ever-increasing consumer market share, social media platforms are continuing to entertain, educate, and facilitate entrepreneurship. Since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic,trends have increased. As people have been re-evaluating their professions since the start of the pandemic and as social media continues to facilitate more entrepreneurial opportunities, entrepreneurship is becoming more of a coveted profession and life path. Now, more people than ever are using social media to pursue entrepreneurship as well as learn how to become entrepreneurs

Connecting millions of people around the world, social media is revolutionizing how we communicate with each as well as how we provide business services. Social media is providing entrepreneurs and businesses with a platform to connect with potential consumers and target their ideal client profile. To this point, entrepreneurs and companies that are building authentic brands on social media are able to achieve consumer and follower loyalty; by tailoring specific messages to specific groups of demographic and psychographics brands are gaining lifelong customers.

Unsurprisingly, social media accounts that are able to educate their followers about entrepreneurship are resonating as many people aspire to pursue entrepreneurial ventures as mentioned. Additionally, accounts that are able to find a sincere and entertaining voice while doing so are finding even more success.

Enter two of today's hottest Instagram accounts of 2022: NFT Fool and Book of Leaders.

Book of Leaders

Book.Of.Leaders is an Instagram account offering daily inspiration and motivational content to its followers. Book of Leaders is changing the lives of its one million plus followers by providing them with a sense of purpose, motivation, and tools to achieve their business goals.

Book of Leaders emphasizes leadership, financial independence, and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Book of Leaders draws knowledge from famously successful entrepreneurs such as Mark Cuban, Warren Buffet, Gary Vaynerchuk and communicates it in a way that Millennials and Gen Z-ers can understand. With wide rude and a strong motivational voice Book of Leaders is an essential follow.

NFT Fool

NFT Fool is the hottest Web 3-focused Instagram account. With a perfect interplay between educational and fun content, NFT Fool is striking a chord with Instagram users of all ages. NFT Fool has been able to gain its following due to an unparalleled ability to garner social media attention with jokes and clever memes about NFTs in addition to educational explanations and informational content about NFTs

As NFTs are an innovative new technology, many entrepreneurs are looking to understand more about how to get into the industry. With the potential to revolutionize a plethora of business sectors — from art to finance — intelligent content about NFTs is at a premium. NFT Fool is the best in the business about using entertainment as a vehicle for education on Instagram.