Instagram will implement stricter rules to users posting products producing weight loss and cosmetic surgery.

Instagram announced on Wednesday that it is imposing tighter rules for posts that promote weight loss as well as those encouraging cosmetic surgery. The audience will also be restricted to Instagram users aged 18 and up.

Instagram added that the rule implementation will not be restricted to the said social media platform alone but to Facebook too. Users below 18 will be blocked from viewing posts promoting diet and cosmetic surgery as well as posts offering rewards for product purchase.

Sanction for Violators

Instagram and Facebook posts caught violating the implementations will immediately be taken down. Posts promoting diet products that promise miraculous weight loss or too good to be true results from cosmetic products as well discount code for commercial offers will also be removed.

Instagram also calls on the public to be part in implementing the newly imposed rule in posting. They encouraged IG users to report should they see the new policy being violated.

Statement From Instagram

Emma Collins, Instagram’s public policy manager clarified upon announcing the new implementation that IG’s advertising guidelines and policies never allowed the advertising of the said products in the first place.

Collins further explained that this move is part of Instagram’s move of creating a positive social media place for everyone. She added that this rule reduces the pressure that people can feel as a result of social media indulgence.

Implementation Gains Support From Social Media Influencers

One of the Instagram followers rejoicing for the company’s move is actress Jameela Jamil who has been vocal about her advocacy of protecting the next generation from the social media influencers and celebrities that they follow. In November 2018, Jamil posted a tweet that went viral. The Twitter post shows her act awakening the public’s attention about the risk that weight loss products may bring and to the reality that some of them does not actually work.

Affected Celebrities

The Kardashians who have been posting celebrity-sponsored weight loss products on Instagram are just some of the big names anticipated to be affected by the most recent IG post restriction.


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