instagram live face filter
Instagram introduced a feature that allows users to use face filters while they live stream in the app. Instagram

Over the next few weeks you’ll probably notice something new on Instagram. If you ever watch the live videos in the app, they’re going to start looking more like stories and photos taken with the app as users will now be able to use the face filters while streaming live video to their followers.

The new Instagram update was announced on Thursday and, for the next week only, there will be a special face filter available for those using the filter while streaming live video to their followers. That face filter is of a pair of sunglasses and the virtual wearer can change what is reflected in their lenses.

The filters in live video makes it more fun and engaging as well as more comfortable for some users, an Instagram spokesperson said. Some users already have the update while others globally may have to wait while the feature rolls out over the next few weeks.

How to use Instagram face filters on Instagram live:

Once you have the Instagram update you should be able to use the filters during your live broadcasts to your followers. You can also change the filters you’re using during the live stream.

The first step to using face filters while live is logically, going live on Instagram. To do this hit the camera icon in the upper left corner of your home screen, and then tap the “Live” option in the lower left. This will give you the option to “Start live Video.” Tap that and you’ll begin streaming live to your followers. Once you’re live, tap the little face icon at the bottom of your screen near the end of the “comment” bubble. This will pull up the filters below it for you to try on. You can tap any filter at any time to change which one you’re using.

The filters work while using the front or rear-facing camera and will automatically appear on the closest face in the frame. Some of the filters work with two faces while others only work on one face at a time. The filters are not yet available on Android in live, according to Instagram.

Once you finish your live stream you can choose to share a replay of it to your story or you can just tap “discard” and the video will disappear from the app.

The update comes just after Snapchat introduced 3-D Bitmoji animations to the app that allows users to incorporate their own cartoons into the photos and videos they share on the app. The two apps have been competing with one another to stay relevant and gain more users through frequent updates ever since Instagram added a stories feature similar to Snapchat.