A cat person will know how the feline fluffs are the biggest mischief-makers ever, throwing passive-aggressive tantrums, messing with toilet paper rolls and so on. Cats have always fascinated humans and they keep winning the internet with pictures of their goofiest self.

But the key fact about your feline friends is that they are very timid at heart and love to squeeze themselves into a hiding space whenever they sense a threat, most specifically the litter box enclosures or cardboard boxes because those give them a sense of protection.

A feline’s continued indifference towards deluxe cat beds is proof that they love boxes a little too much and hence, feline enthusiasts get to celebrate this match made in heaven—we are referencing cats and cardboard boxes, on the International Box Day which falls on June 19.

Since the day gives us a chance to enjoy some time together with our furry buddies, here are some fun DIY ideas to design some cat space and have a "boxing party" together. (Ideas courtesy: The Spruce Eats and Buzzfeed)

Convert a large wicker basket into your cat’s den:

Head over to the supermarket and bring yourself a large storage wicker basket to create an airy and light hiding space for your cat. Litter boxes get stinky due to the cat’s waste and getting rid of the bad odor is a Herculean task. To avoid this problem, place a litter box into a wicker basket and watch your cat have fun. It is also super easy to clean the wicker basket.

Build a mini cat house:

A basic little enclosure that doubles up as a décor item and blends with the overall aesthetics of your home, quite an impressive idea right? Gift your cat one such chic litter box which will, in turn, be a cherished piece of home décor.

Add curtains beneath a stool:

Hiding the litter box could not get any easier. If you have a low stool at your house, hang some curtains around the empty space below, and a suitable place for the cat to hide and poop will be ready in no time at all. With a little creativity, you can have the "purrfect" cat hiding place and bad odor too will be a thing of the past.

Create a litter box beneath a bench:

Most houses prefer to have benches that create extra sitting space. The typical benches have a lot of empty space beneath them, which can be smartly converted into cat litter space. Just make sure the space is clean and guests won’t realize it’s there.

Pallet litter box with scoop holster:

Creatively reusing discarded pallets can be an economical idea. Customize the pallet box in a way that the litter box fits snugly inside. Just attach a small holster to hold the litter scoop and you are good to go!

cat in a box Pixabay