• All episodes of 'Interrogation' Season 1 releasing February 6
  • 'Interrogation' is a thriller that revolves around the murder of Mary Fisher
  • Mary's son Eric is the main murder suspect

A rather unique approach towards storytelling, the makers of ‘Interrogation’ want the audience to explore the show the way they want. All the episodes will be released Thursday, Feb.6 on CBS All Access.

Set in 1983, the show’s timeline jumps back and forth as Eric Fisher (Kyle Gallner) has blood on his hands after the authorities find her mother Mary Fisher (Joanna Going) dead. All pieces of evidence are against Eric and he becomes the prime suspect.

Due to the non-linear form of storytelling, the producers recommend the audience start with episode 1 titled 'Eric Fisher' and conclude with ‘Interrogation’ Season 1 finale episode called 'Trey Carano', however they can jumble the rest of the episodes.

In the opening episode, the show follows Eric’s point of view on the day his mother is murdered. He is in Sherman Oaks, California, his hometown, in 1983 trying to enter his parents’ house where he finds the body of Mary Fisher. According to police detective David Russell (Peter Sarsgaard), prima facie, it appears that Eric has killed Mary.

Gallner said to the interviewers at Television Critics Association winter press tour in California that he was scared if he could pull off this incredible role. Gallner’s character, Fisher, ages 17 through 40 in an investigation that spans 20 years.

“There’s one little piece where I'm young. I have a sweatshirt on and I'm chewing on the sweatshirt string. That feels like a very young thing. It's just trying to create the different versions of this guy as the time goes on and keeping the continuity of the choices that I had made as you jump around from age to age,” Gallner said via The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The actor confessed that during the making of the show, he had to switch ages to do multiple scenes within the same day of the shoot. 'Interrogation' episodes are based on each character and the audience can learn about a character by watching the episode it is centered around.

Cast member Peter Sarsgaard poses at the premiere of "Green Lantern" at the Grauman's Chinese theatre in Hollywood, California June 15, 2011. The movie opens in the U.S. on June 17.
Peter Sarsgaard attends the premiere of "Green Lantern" in Hollywood, California, June 15, 2011. Reuters