James Franco and Seth Rogen are out to kill Kim Jong-Un.

Well... they are in their upcoming movie, "The Interview," where the duo talk show host and his producer who are secretly tasked with assassinating the North Korean dictator. It sounds like an ambitious concept for a comedy, but after Rogen and Franco sold the Biblical Apocalypse as a buddy comedy in “This is The End,” they’ve earned the benefit of the doubt. And just like “This is The End,” Rogan and his writing partner Evan Goldberg are directing “The Interview.”

North Korea is tricky comedic territory for U.S. audiences: On one hand, the rogue state remains a very real military threat to American ally South Korea, and the two are constantly on high alert over potential military attacks that could wipe out Seoul. On the other hand, the North Korean government propaganda is so over the top that it's hard to avoid making fun of it. "Team America: World Police” and “30 Rock” have both drawn plenty of laughs from their depictions of departed Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il. Now, “The Interview” is carrying on that tradition by assassinating his son.

 “The Interview” hits theaters October 10. Check out the trailer below.