As per its look is concerned, many people have found Google's new kid Google+ to be heavily influenced by Facebook. But one feature of Google+ that serves as a clear differentiating factor between the two rivals is its ability to create 'Circles' of friends by simply dragging selected friends from the friends list and dropping them into the circle.

But that very unique feature has been acquired by Facebook as well. Now, you can create a circle of your friends in Facebook also.

Facebook engineer Vladimir Kolesnikov has designed Circle Hack, a much simpler way to create Facebook friend lists.


Circle Hack: The user can drag and drop the selected friends into the circle as it is in the case of 'Circles' in Google+.


The user can log in through their Facebook account and his/her friends will be displayed in the same manner as they are in Google+. The user can create a new list of friends by simply dragging friends on to the corresponding circle.

However, according to Simon Cross, a partner engineer at Facebook, Google+'s 'Circles' is not new. He tweeted about 'Circle Hack' on Wednesday saying that despite not being a well-known feature, it has been around for a long time. Interesting that people think Google+Circles is new - seen Facebook Friend lists? This makes a good point:, Cross tweeted.

Whatever it is, 'Circle Hack' does provide an easy way of arranging your Facebook friends list. But, it doesn't have all the design features of Google+. Within the app, the user can't automatically set Groups or privacy settings.