Honey released a major update to its popular Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that automatically finds and applies promotion codes to save money when online shopping. Called Honey 2.0, the plugin now features a universal shopping cart to purchases items from multiple stores in one online shopping session.

Previous versions of Honey added a button that users could click to make Honey search the web for codes that provided deals and savings. Honey 2.0, which debuted on Monday, includes an “Add To Cart” option that appears after clicking the original Honey button. This allows users to continue shopping online from the same store or hundreds of other others and continually add more items along the way. When a user is done shopping, they can pay for all items at once by clicking “checkout” in Honey 2.0 instead of having to visit each site.

Honey 2.0 stores a user’s billing and shipping information and automatically applies to each vendor. Even better, the Honey 2.0 automatically applies promo codes applicable to each item to help users save money on those products. Honey 2.0 also retrieves shipping information from each store so users can get alerts about their items.

Honey 2.0 Honey scours the Internet for promo codes and coupons and automatically applies them to online purchases. Photo: Honey

Honey was founded in late 2012, and the company claimed that it helped 870,000 people save more than $8 million dollars over the past year. Honey profits by promoting gift cards from partners and earning commissions from the merchants by promoting sales and coupons to users.

Honey 2.0 is available as a free download from the company’s website.