The iOS 13 also has some new features to quickly handle texts as with computer shortcuts. Selecting, copying, and pasting text is also easy with these new features around. Here’s what we know about the text commands as of the iOS 13 update.

New Update, New Commands

In previous updates, users can quickly undo their typing through holding down on the word and dragging back to the specific word to delete it. However, the timing for holding it down is difficult to do consistently.

Fortunately, the iOS 13 update introduces an easier way to undo with the keyboard feature. Holding down on the spacebar will turn the keyboard into a trackpad once the letters disappear. With this feature, selecting text is much easier for users familiar with the keyboard and mouse setup.

Tap For Highlighting

The iOS 13 also introduces a quicker way to highlight wards. Tapping and holding long enough on a word in a sentence highlights it. Moreover, extending the highlighted words also has an alternative way now. First, select the start of the highlighted words and then double tap for its end one.

Lastly, triple tapping a word highlights the whole sentence its in and quadruple tapping highlights the whole paragraph. These features definitely save time when trying to highlight words in a huge walls of text.

New Copy Paste

Copying text on iOS 13 requires users to highlight it first and use three fingers to pinch in on the screen. The Copy option will pop-up and allow users to duplicate the text.

Meanwhile, pasting the copied text would need the cursor in the right spot and pinch outward using three fingers. The practice may need some getting used to as using three fingers on the screen is an uncommon command.

Undoing and Redoing

Lastly, undoing the last action in the text file requires three fingers swiped to the left will fix that. On the opposite end, three fingers swiped to the right would redo the previous action.

These shortcuts would allow users to quickly recover any misstep in typing, deleting, and moving words around in the file.

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The Tips app has been updated ahead of iOS 11’s release next week. Reuters/Shailesh Andrade