Apple is currently enjoying strong demand in smartphones due to the success of the iPhone 11. To react to this surge, the company is also urging its suppliers to make more devices. The company is even setting up a larger target production compared to the previous iPhone X.

The iPhone 11’s demand is high and still growing in an opportune time. Apple is currently selling a new, cheaper iPhone at the time where most Apple users are aiming to replace their old smartphones according to Bloomberg. This situation has translated well as many customers want the latest iPhone 11 now and is planning to make smartphones than its previous generation.

The demand for the iPhone 11 is mostly on its base versions rather than its improved Pro version. Even so, the massive orders for the device are a boon to Apple as it helps them recover from the less successful sales of the previous generation.

Due to the lackluster sales of the iPhone X series, Apple initially settled with a 45,000,000 unit production in its first quarter but changed it to a 20,000,000 units instead according to CNET. However, Apple is now pushing the limit for the iPhone 11 with a 75,000,000 unit production for 2019. Apple’s new smartphone is not only popular in the U.S. but also to China despite the U.S.-China trade war tensions.

Since there are only a few months left in the year, hectic production for more iPhone 11 units are expected. Moreover, Apple is also accounting for the holidays in which investors are also on the fence to see if the company’s success keeps up.

Additionally, Apple is capitalizing the opportunity as its rivals are not doing well as of the moment. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold still has some issues on release and Huawei needs to take care of legal issues with the U.S. government first to sell on the country again.

As for the next generation, Apple is planning to add new features to the 2020 iPhone device. Improvements for the iPhone will span throughout its hardware, software, and features while not solely relying on improvements on its camera and specs. The next iPhone is said to support 5G capabilities and 3D cameras designed for augmented reality apps.

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