• Apple device owners have been advised not to use latest iOS 13.5 jailbreak
  • Security issues remain questionable on iOS 13.5 jailbreak
  • Hackers may exploit security loopholes from iOS jailbreak

After years of being not heard of, there is now an iOS jailbreak available. Unc0ver held to its promise of coming out with an iOS 13.5 jailbreak, a resort that some iPhone or iPad users could use to gain access to hardware and software features that are not immediately accessible. However, folks who have yet to do so may want to think twice. Being a security exploit, applying an iOS jailbreak at this point could leave Apple device owners in a compromising position.

iOS jailbreaks prey on security holes that allow privileged access to some locked parts of a system. In the past, most know it was a sneaky way to figure out some of the features and secrets of their device. A concern back then was the security of the phone once an iOS jailbreak is used. Unc0ver alleges that aside from allowing a user to access these locked features, the crack has also covered issues like battery efficiency and stable performance. Better yet, the hackers also claim that Apple's user data protections intact and Apple Pay can still be used.

From the way it was described, the iOS 13.5 jailbreak seems too good and perfect. But as far as the security of the phone, such remains a big question mark. Security experts have yet to back up the claim of Unc0ver, a reason why iPhone or iPad owners may want to think twice before applying the crack. it would be best to take the risk once the security of the device is backed up by experts, reported.

There have been a lot of strange things happening on the web as of late. Most people are holed up at home and unsurprising using the Internet to keep themselves occupied. The thought alone gives hackers more than enough reason to carry out their evil intentions. Data privacy and protection is a big issue and the last thing that Apple device owners would want is to be added to the list of victims.

The release of the iOS 13.5 jailbreak comes not long after Apple released its latest mobile operating system. But as mentioned in a previous report, iOS 13.5 carried minor updates which were mostly focused on COVID-19 tracking. Initially pegged to be the last Apple OS before iOS 14, it would not come as a surprise if the Cupertino comes out with another minor update once they figure out the recent iOS jailbreak from Unc0ver.

The US attorney general claimed Apple has failed to provide enough help to unlock iPhones used in a deadly December shooting spree, reviving a debate on law enforcement access to encrypted devices iPhone Photo: GETTY IMAGES / JUSTIN SULLIVAN