iPhone 5 may come with iOS 5

Recent heat over the iPhone 5 is spiraling out of control as the Oct. 4 press conference draws closer. But why is iPhone 5 the most desired smartphone? Taking a closer look at two major reasons, the iOS 5 upgrade and iCloud features, may help us understand what the craze is about.

The iOS 5 software update is by far the biggest change to the new iPhone 5. With over 200 features added, owners are looking forward most to apps like the Newsstand or Twitter integration. The notification center feature will give users the convenience of seeing all their notifications in one slide-down panel no matter what screen they're on. The upgraded Safari lets you use Safari Reader to display online reading material without all the clutter and ads.

On top of all the improvements to ease of access, another major change is that you will no longer need a computer to set up any iOS 5 powered devices. They can be activated and set up right out of the box.

The second item to pay attention to is the iCloud integration in iOS 5. iCloud essentially stores all your data-pictures, music, apps, docs-and automatically syncs them with all your devices. Apple couldn't make it easier to own all their products. Users that sign up get 5GB of free storage to start off with, and anything purchased from Apple won't add to that space.

Compared to Google's Music Beta, the digital locker storage for tunes, iCloud may prove to be superior in several ways. Whereas Apple's iTunes has licensing deals with music labels, Google's music service is actually limited due to failure in negotiating with Universal Music Group and Sony Music. Of course, the brilliance of iCloud lies in its integration with the rest of your device's apps and content. With both Apple and Android phones offering unique features and improvements, the final decision will depend entirely on users' preferences and what they look for in a smartphone's functionality.