iOS 5
Apple's iOS 5

Feel left out of the Apple iPhone 4S bandwagon? Don't sweat it because Apple released its iOS 5 on Tuesday available for download on your old iPhone 4 with some cool updated features.

The major overhaul to Apple's newest operating system with over 200 new features is compatible with older iPhones, giving a much needed update for iPhone 4 users who may feel outdated with the buzz surrounding the iPhone 4S release.

You may be upset you don't have Siri assistant built in, but here are 5 updated features iOS 5 brings for iPhone 4 for a much needed upgrade.

1. iCloud

iOS 5 will be the first to have iCloud, which automatically syncs all documents, apps, calendars, mail, contacts, photos and music to all devices owned by the user. Users will get 5 GB of the service for free upon signing up and can purchase additional storage if needed. 10 GB is $20, 20 GB is $40 and 50 GB is $100 and can be purchased directly from the iPhone 4.

2. iTunes Match

All music can be synced with iTunes Match, previously sold for $24.99 per year. The service lets you store all music, including iTunes purchases and music you may have swiped elsewhere.

3. Photo Editing

It's like Photoshop built right into your iPhone 4. Now, users can click edit and crop, rid of red eye and enhance photos remotely right within the library.

4. Camera Speed Upgrade

By double clicking the home button, users can snap a photo without ever leaving the lock screen. Essentially, the camera upgrade allows everyone to feel like a novice paparazzi, and refrain from looking like a klutz when trying to enter your password and quickly snap a photo.

5. iMessage

iMessage is basically Apple's version of BlackBerry messaging (BBM) allowing users to send and receive free SMS texts, photos, locations and contacts to fellow iOS 5 users. iMessage also allows users to start a conversation on one Apple device and continue on another.

Here's how you can upgrade to iOS 5 for free:

1. Update to iTunes 10.5. You can do this by clicking Check for Updates in the iTunes menu.

2. Plug in your iPhone and you should be prompted on iTunes to download iOS 5. If not, you can select your device and again check for updates.

3. Click Download and Update and wait as iOS 5 downloads. Follow the steps you are prompted.

4. Enable location services, enter your Apple ID log in credentials and finally set up your iCloud account.

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