The new iPad is out and sales are skyrocketing everywhere the device is sold. But let us focus a little bit on the previous tablet, the iPad 2. It is still the undefeated champ with sales in the tens of millions. However, as great as a device it is, the Apple iPad 2 was and is still prone to breaking more easily than its predecessor, the original iPad, something we haven't seen many bloggers talking about since the device launched back in 2011.

Warranty provider SquareTrade, claims that the Apple iPad 2, according to its reports, is susceptible to accidental damage far greater when compared to the first iPad. You might be wondering what could cause this. The answer is simple: it is just too thin. A thin device looks sexy and mouthwatering to consumers, but what most do not know is how prone these devices are to damage, and the ones who do, well, as long as it is thin, durability does not matter that much, it would seem.

Some accidental damages are squarely the fault of the user. SquareTrade stated that some users accidentally broke their iPad 2 because they tend to hold on to the hinges of the Smart Cover instead of the device itself. Hence, the tablet takes a nosedive to its death.

The two top ways users accidentally damage their iPad 2 is by dropping the device while using it, or the device dropping off a table. With a device so thin though, I doubt only a person who is overly gullible would have expected it to survive a good fall, nothing of that build could withstand a blow like that unless it was made from Iron Man steel or something.

The report also outlines that 9.8% of iPad 2 owners reported damages to their device in the first year compared to the 2.8% of original iPad owners. This clearly proves that while the iPad 2 is thinner, lighters, and sexier to look at, all this came at a price - a price the new iPad seems to have fixed, with its thicker design and heavier body.

Question - have you ever broken your iPad? If so, how did it happen?

(reported by Vamien MacKalin, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)