A UK school said it will revolutionize learning by giving an iPad 2 to each one of its 1,400 pupils in September for the new academic year, computing.co.uk reported.

Longfield Academy in Kent said that it held two parents' events where an iPad project manager from Apple demonstrated the educational applications of the device. A survey was taken among those parents, and over 90 percent of them said that they would like to participate in the experiment.

The school added that its research shows that young people enjoy learning through technology and that it enhances motivation, which in turn helps them achieve better results.

The financing of the scheme mainly comes from a national charity -- the eLearning Foundation. The school is also asking for a donation of $26 per month over three years for each device, along with specified accessories.

The experiment also involves deploying monitored, high-speed wireless networks to support the devices in classrooms.

It will be interesting to see how this develops, and I suspect many other institutions will be keeping a close eye on the rollout at Longfield Academy over the next few months, Roger Hockaday, EMEA marketing director at wireless provider Aruba Networks, told computing.co.uk.

However, before taking the decision to follow in Longfield Academy's footsteps, it is important for schools to recognise that iPads run bandwidth-hungry multimedia applications in a way that laptops simply do not.