March 7 is round the corner and the rumors and speculations surrounding Apple's next tablet - iPad 3 (or should we say iPad HD or iPad 2S?) have reached the peak. What's more, anticipating the imminent launch of the tablet, photos of accessories of the new device, especially all kinds of cases, are circulating around the Internet.

The retailer Best Buy has reportedly received iPad 3 cases, but a pink sticker on the sealed boxes claims Do not display until official iPad 3 launch, an anonymous source told

According to the report, the shipment is not of just a few cases - there’s over a 1,000 Targus Versavu 360 stands for the next-gen iPad shipping to Best Buy, meaning that it won’t be long until the actual tablet hits shelves.

Meanwhile, the report also indicated that the tech giant has already chosen iPad 3 for the name, instead of iPad 2S, or other variations. However, CNET reported Monday that the next iPad will be named as iPad HD to promote its big new feature - Retina Display.

Most of the previous rumors, if not all, suggested the new iPad will be very similar to its predecessor, but it will be a little thicker to accommodate powerful battery and better display. Nevertheless, the tapered edges will make it look slim.

And the size of the new device will be identical with the iPad 2 - 9.7-inch - even though the resolution will be reach 2048x1536 pixels. The new iPad might also boast of better processor and improved camera system.

Besides Best Buy, many sites are also displaying colorful the iPad 3 cases. Start the slideshow to check them out in detail.

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