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It has long been rumored that the next Apple iPad will have a high resolution display to rock your world. But will the tech giant break the tradition and promote the high resolution display in iPad 3 by naming the new tablet iPad HD?

If the rumors are true, the next iPad could well be called the iPad HD. Not an impressive new name, but it could prove that the next iPad will indeed have a high resolution display along with a 8MP rear-end camera for taking HD videos.

Gizmodo obtained pictures of purported Griffin parts listing that shows the name iPad HD. However, as Apple won’t release any information about the new iPad until the day of announcement (March 7?), how did Griffin come up with the name?

Gizmodo has an explanation – the site mentioned that a reader said the iPad HD name has been popping up on Google Analytics since April 2011 (the site later corrected itself and said the device information is not from Google Analytics, but usage data from an application called Tapatalk, which runs on iOS, Android and Blackberry). With the increase in competition from all ends of the market, giving the iPad a little name change could help Apple stay ahead of the pack just a little while longer, plus, what better way to promote a HD screen if not to add HD to the device name? After all iPad HD sounds cooler than iPad 3.

If Apple is able to pull it off, the next iPad would be the first tablet in history to have a 2048×1536 pixels resolution display. A display like this requires powerful graphic cards, which should give you an idea of how powerful the next iPad could be.

If Apple does name the new iPad, iPad HD, could the next generation iPhone also be up for a name change? It is possible. Having a bunch of numbers behind your device name can get boring after some time, and a new name brings new life and new interest into anything, and maybe that is what Apple is aiming for.

Last year when Apple was getting ready to unveil the iPhone 4S, everyone thought the company was planning for an iPhone 5 announcement. Instead the entire tech world was left disappointed at the end of the event. What we are trying to say is, Apple could be taking a similar approach with the next iPad, instead of being the iPad 3 with features galore, it could just be an upgraded iPad 2 with the main feature being a higher resolution display capable of showing HD videos. iPad HD? Why not?

We could go on and on and speculate as much as ever about Apple's plans, but we may never know for sure what’s in store until March 7 comes around. So keep your eyes peeled because we’re going to report on the developments comprehensively.

(Reported by Vamien McKalin, Edited by Surojit Chatterjee)

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