One word’s increasingly being used to describe the upcoming 2019 Apple iPhone 11 series, the successor to last year’s iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. That word is ugly.

Numerous renders over the past months based on leaks reveal a fairly large square bulge at the back of the three new iPhone 11 models -- the iPhone 11, iPhone 11R and 11 Max. This ungainly bump houses the rumored triple cameras and flash for these phones set to reveal in September.

No iPhone has ever had a bulge this prominent marring the sleek lines of its casing. iPhone fans don’t like it and are venting their displeasure on social media.

“Steve jobs is rolling im [sic] his grave,” tweeted one person. “Apple loves screwing things up,” said another.

The first photo of an actual iPhone 11 with a bump confirms their worst fears.

An unknown leaker, likely working for a telecom firm testing pre-production mobile phone models on its network, leaked a photo of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. In the process, however, this man also revealed the first photo of a working new Apple iPhone 11R.

This man used the iPhone 11R to take a photo of the shiny back of the Galaxy Note 10+, and the image of the new iPhone was clearly reflected off the Samsung's casing. The new iPhone’s housing for its large dual camera has a bump far larger than expected, making the phone awful looking.

"The iPhone 11R really will look awful," Forbes contributor, Gordon Kelly noted.

Kelly noted that if this is what the 11 series will look like, he’d skip the 11 series and would rather wait for the 2020 models to show-up. He claims Apple fans will be blown away by the 2020 iPhone reinvention.

The 2020 phones should see all-new designs and screen sizes, 120Hz displays and major camera upgrades. These phones will have USB-C and 5G on all models. Touch ID is tipped to make a comeback.

And he expects the 2020 phones to not have that godawful bulge.

iPhone XR store wipe
Pictured: An employee cleans an iPhone Apple XR during the press visit of the new Apple Store Champs-Elysees on November 15, 2018 in Paris, France. Getty Images/Chesnot