iphone x screen
An Apple iPhone X smartphone is seen at Apple's Regent Street store in central London on November 3, 2017 after it opened for the first sales of the new smartphone. - Apple's flagship iPhone X hit stores on November 3, as the world's most valuable company predicted bumper sales despite the handset's eye-watering price tag and celebrated a surge in profits. The device features facial recognition, cordless charging and an edge-to-edge screen made of organic light-emitting diodes used in high-end televisions. It marks the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone release and is released in about 50 markets around the world. AFP/Getty Images/Chris J Ratcliffe

New protective cases for unconfirmed iPhone models have recently been circulating in Chinese social media. The new case features a square camera module and front notch sensor cutouts not usually seen in iPhone devices. Potentially, these may have revealed what the iPhone 11 will look like.

According to AppleInsider, pictures of two iPhone models that have been 3D-printed have been circulating around Chinese social media. The designs of these iPhones are very different from that of the recent models.

On Apple’s side, the company has yet to release any images of the iPhone 11’s official designs. It’s also highly possible that these models are just dummies and not related at all to the iPhone production in the region.

Based on the possible iPhone 11’s 3D model, the device seems to be fashioned from what previous speculations said about the upcoming device. The rear of the device has a square camera module that houses three lens. The multiple camera technology isn’t for the purpose of having spare lenses, but to improve the image quality of pictures taken with the device. Meanwhile, a smaller cutout near the cameras show that a camera flash feature will also be available in the iPhone 11.

As for its front screen, the iPhone 11 could still comes with a front notch like its predecessors. However, the new design features four sensor grooves and one hole for its speaker.

Apple has yet to open up about the iPhone 11’s specs, but speculations circulating around the internet are already calling out some of its features. The iPhone 11 is said to have three variants, namely a 6.5-inch OLED, 5.8-inch OLED and 6.1-inch LCD version. The cameras are also said to be from Sony and will be the super-wide type, which can help users take 360 camera shots easily. The lens would also be painted with black, which makes them blend well with the rest of the body.

For now, we’ll have to wait for Apple to reveal more details about the iPhone 11 to find out its official look and features.