A lot has been written about the red hot battle between smartphone giants Samsung Galaxy S2 and iPhone 4S. Analysts and tech observers dissected specs and compared features, but there was no consensus. However, the battle of wits took a turn when two were dragged to a brutal, unforgiving drop test. And hold your breath, Samsung Galaxy S2 took the prize for being sturdy.

The two warring smartphones were dropped thrice — first waist-high, then from the shoulder level, while the third was a face down drop.

While there was no clear winner in several rounds of comparisons by experts, Samsung Galaxy S2 virtually shattered iPhone 4S in the drop test.

Samsung Galaxy S2 stood the clear winner in the drop test, wrapped all around with plastic and Corning Gorilla Glass on the front.

Though the iPhone 4S was not highly damaged after the first two drops, the glass casing of the phone was completely shattered when it was dropped face down. Galaxy S2 remained scratchless.