The battery drain issue with the current Apple iPhone 4S has been a real headache for many users, taking the pleasure away from the other exciting features incorporated within the device... for example a dual-core processor, an 8 megapixel camera and the personal assistant software Siri.

An upgrade to the phone's operating system was then announced, amid hope it would fix the problem. Unfortunately, the upgraded iOS 5.0.1 failed to do so and the users were left further disheartened. They then stumbled upon an iPhone 4S jailbreak tweak that claimed to be able to fix the battery's handset problem.

According to earlier reports, the people at, a Cydia repository known for hosting pirated applications, had managed to find a solution to solve the battery bug. They released a tweak - Battery Fix for iOS 5 - to deal with it. The reports also stated the tweak was only available to members of and a membership could be acquired for $4.99.

However, the battery tweak has since been proven to be fake.

The revelation came courtesy iOS hackers Dustin Howett and Sam Bingner, who made the discovery by finding out the jailbreak software was nothing more than pointless lines of code, according to a iDownloadBlog report.

The Hackers Explain:

There has been a lot of hype recently about a 4S 'Battery Fix' - DHowett found that all it does is replace /System/Library/CoreServices/powerd.bundle/

I looked for any possible impact of this.

While this sounds good... we're changing the power settings right? The reality is that it does absolutely nothing.

In the light of the hacker's announcment, it is perhaps advisable that user not install random jailbreak tweaks from unproven Cydia repos.

While this particular utility doesn't appear to be malicious, it very well could have been, according to iDownloadBlog.