iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 5 with 4G LTE to Launch Later in 2012; Other Features You Can Bet On Reuters

With a few hours left before Apple's grand iPhone event, rumors about an iPhone 4S seem to gain more credibility.

It has been reported that Vodafone Germany has leaked two new iPhone models on its device listings. An official device compatibility page in Vodafone's accessories shop reportedly featured six varieties of iPhone 4S in addition to the existing iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS models on Monday.

German blog ifun.de managed to take a screen shot of the Vodafone listings that showed an iPhone 4 with 8 GB storage capacity and an iPhone 4S in data storage capacities of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, both devices alternatively in white and black.

According to the report, there could be two possibilities to interpret the leak - either there has been an over-motivated Web programmer a little too much flat out, or Vodafone Germany is preparing behind the scenes for both the new iPhone models. The presence of a 64 GB option will definitely excite many iPhone fans, but even more striking in the listings was the absence of any mention of an iPhone 5.

Last week, it was reported that inside the latest ninth build of iTunes 10.5 there were several references to a CDMA iPhone 4S. But after the discovery was made, all those references were immediately pulled from its developer site.

Meanwhile, Gizmodo Brazil has also reported that a new lower-priced model of the iPhone is being manufactured by Brazilian Foxconn plant and is ready to be delivered. The report also showed leaked photos to support the claims.

According to the report, the Brazilian government announced that Foxconn would invest billions in Brazil, but only manufacturing iPads had been specifically mentioned. However, in some interviews, Brazilian Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Aloízio Mercadante made ??it clear that the first products with Apple out of the Foxconn plant in Jundiaí would be iPhones and iPods.

Although it seems that production has been slightly delayed from its original target starting in July to coincide with the arrival of new iPhones, the team of iPods and iPhones at Foxconn is 100 percent dedicated to smartphones for now.

The report stressed on the point that the new iPhone at Foxconn Brazil will be an iPhone 4 variant with 8GB memory. But it is not sure whether Apple will unveil completely remodeled iPhone 5 or an iPhone 4S. One thing the report strongly bet on was that the new iPhone iteration will have an A5 CPU and an 8MP camera.

A recent survey conducted by InMobi, which claims to be the world's largest independent mobile ad network, suggested that instead of a revolutionary iPhone 5, if Apple announces an update of the current iPhone 4 Tuesday, the interest in the new iPhone will decline among customers.

The survey showed that less than 15 percent of consumers would be likely to pick up the new handset, if Apple announces only a refresh of the current model of the iPhone. On the other hand, 41 percent of mobile users in the U.S., Mexico and Canada intend to buy the iPhone 5.

Still, availability of three storage capacitates can't be ignored. If the rumored iPhone 4S comes with upgrades in key areas like the display, processor and battery life, it won't be much of a disappointment for consumers.