The Cupertino-based company, Apple, left its fans disappointed last year when it released iPhone 4S, in place of much-rumored iPhone 5. However, the iPhone 4S turned out to be one of the most sold iOS device with much hyped launch of Siri – the virtual assistant. And, after the debut of the new iPad on March 7, Apple watchers’ attention has once again turned to iPhone 5.

The new iPad tells us a lot about the upcoming iPhone as it is fueling iPhone 5 rumor mills with new gossips. Here is what we know so far about iPhone 5, from its release date to features.

4G Connectivity

LTE network support is #2 in the new iPad after high-res Retina display that makes it a must-buy tablet. It is pretty obvious that the new iPhone will also be 4G enabled.

Quad-core Processor

The A5X chip is made for the new iPad. So Apple will not be using this chip again on iPhone 5. After being much rumored, we missed the A6 chip in Apple’s new tablet. But not anymore as the tech giant will most probably equip its upcoming iPhone with a new quad-core processor.

iOS 6 with Siri

We have a solid proof that iOS 6 is in development after being caught up on Ars Technica servers when Apple was giving a pilot run to iOS 6 on the iPad. iOs 5.1 ended up being released with the new iPad. However, it is almost certain that Apple will introduce iOS 6 along with the new iPhone, because the tech giant has always released a new software/software upgrade with new product launches.

With the new iPad, Apple made it clear that it does not want to debut Siri on iPad. But that does not mean that Apple is keeping Siri out of the new iPhone. iPhone 5 is surely going to feature Siri (Siri v.2.0?), which in its current beta version, can speak a total of 6 languages.

New Design with Corning Gorilla Glass

The design of the original iPhone was quite plain. iPhone 3G and 3GS had relatively different but identical design. The blueprint changed in iPhone 4, and was also followed by iPhone 4S. Apple gives a new design to its every iPhone build. iPhone 5 will have a spanking new design. Corning Gorilla Glass rumors are also catching fire. Corning Gorilla Glass will raise the production cost high and iPhone 5 is reported to priced higher than current price of iPhone 4S. Possibility of Corning Gorilla Glass is all-time high.

Release Date

Looking at Apple’s behavior, iPhone 5 may come out in summer 2012. Many reports give a glimpse of June launch. But most geeks believe that Apple will release its new iPhone in September or first week of October. October 4 release date rumors are also high.

(reported by Johnny Wills, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)