Sure, Apple's new iPhone 7 and iPhone7 Plus are amazing. They're fast. They have cool new cameras. They're available in a sleek jet black finish. And they're even water-resistant, so you can play Pokémon GO in the rain. But they're not perfect, so before you shell out $650 or more for a new phone, be sure to consider some of the things that aren't quite perfect about Apple's latest models.  iphone 7 Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook discusses the iPhone 7 during an Apple media event in San Francisco, California, U.S. September 7, 2016. Photo: Reuters/Beck Diefenbach

  1. No headphone jack. We knew this was coming, but it still comes as something of a shock. The venerable headphone jack is gone. Apple is including both a set of earbuds that work with the iPhone 7's Lightning port, as well as a dongle that will let you connect your existing headphones to the phone, but the company really wants you to switch to wireless headphones, something that was emphasized repeatedly in the iPhone 7 launch event (and if you want to charge your phone while also wearing headphones, that's your only option). Which leads us to... 
  2. AirPods aren't included. Apple's new wireless earbuds do look awesome. They'll work with Siri. And the Apple Watch. And automatically pair with all of your Apple devices over iCloud. But they're $159, and won't be available until late October. So, be sure not to lose that dongle before then.
  3. Dual-lens camera is only available in 7+. Apple boasts that the new dual-lens camera is the best on the market, and with a real zoom lens and the ability to do all sorts of slick depth-of-field tricks, it may indeed smoke all other smartphone cameras. Too bad it's only available in the iPhone 7+. If you opt for the smaller, less expensive iPhone 7, you still get a camera that beats the one in the iPhone 6, thanks to a better lens and image stabilization,  but it's not the best on the market, is it?
  4. It's going to get all scratched up. Cult of Mac points out that Apple has warned that that new, cool jet black paint job is more susceptible to "fine micro-abrasions" than other colors. Not that it really matters, since...
  5. You'll need to buy a new case. Sure, despite a new color, the iPhone 7 looks almost identical to the 6/6s models it replaces. But looks can be deceiving. While the dimensions of the iPhone 7 are indeed nearly identical to those of last year's models, its new cameras mean that the camera cutout on many older cases won't fit right. And instead of a headphone cutout at the bottom, you'll need a case with dual speaker cutouts for the iPhone 7's new stereo speakers. Bottom line: Be prepared to spluge on a new case to go with your new phone. 
  6. It's not waterproof. You may see references to the iPhone 7 being waterproof, but it's not. Apple refers to it as being "splash, water and dust resistant," and warns that its resistance level could "decrease as a result of normal wear." The company also warns that the phone's warranty doesn't cover liquid damage, so you may want to avoid any temptation to take your new iPhone into the shower with you. 
  7. It's an iPhone. If you're a fan, that's great. But if you're one of the millions of Android owners out there (and globally, Android's market share is much bigger than that of Apple's iOS), today's event was just another opportunity to point out how much better your favorite platform is (not that Android phones don't have their share of problems). But, really, we're platform-netural here; we just wanted to make it to seven points!