If you want to see how Apple’s much-anticipated iPhone 8 might look like, there’s a new concept video you should watch.

The video calls the iPhone 8 the iPhone Edition, which could be also called the iPhone Pro or iPhone X. The clip, showing Jet Black and White versions of the device, was created by designers Thiago M. Duarte and Ran Avni.

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The 10th anniversary phone is displayed in the mock-up teaser with an edge-to-edge screen, which has been rumored previously. The iPhone 8 is expected to come with an OLED display, supplied by Samsung.

The video shows the iPhone 8 with an embedded Touch ID, a feature expected on the upcoming device. However, a recent report said Apple is having trouble with integrating an under-glass fingerprint sensor into the display. Some rumors claim Apple will instead move the embedded Touch ID to the back of the phone, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in the mock-up video.

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The clip also shows the iPhone 8 sporting dual-cameras on the back of the device. The video shows the cameras aligned horizontally. However, a recent Bloomberg report said Apple is reportedly testing versions of the iPhone 8 for better photos by positioning the dual-camera system vertically.

Apple is expected to release the iPhone 8 this fall alongside two LCD versions, the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. The 10th anniversary iPhone is expected to have a price tag higher than $1,000.

Here’s the mock-up video: