iphone i glitch bug
You can create a new text replacement to get around the "i" glitch on your iPhone. Screenshot

Update Thursday 1:54 p.m.: Apple released iOS update 11.1.1 Thursday that will fix this glitch, the description for the update said it "Fixes an issue with keyboard auto-correct." You can download the new update by selecting "Settings" then "General" and then "Software Update."

Apple device owners are having a hard time talking in the first person while using their iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. A bug in the latest iOS update was causing the letter “i” to autocorrect to the capital letter “A” and the symbol of a question mark in a box. It looked like this.

The issue crept up with the new update so not all users are experiencing the substitution. Those who waited to update their phones and didn’t download the latest one are in luck because rather than updating and getting the glitch, they can wait to update until the bug is fixed likely with Apple’s next software update.

There is a way to get around the glitch for users who can’t wait for Apple to come up with a fix. Apple published a guide about the auto correct error on Saturday after users started complaining about the problem that made messages, apps and emails difficult to read or just plain annoying to look at.

How to fix the issue with the letter “i” on your Apple device:

First find and select the settings icon on your home screen, it’s the one with all the gears. Next select “general” and then “keyboard” and “text replacement.” This will allow you to manually create an auto correct on your device. Select the “+” in the upper right corner and then create a new auto correct. For the Phrase enter the upper-case “I” and for the shortcut add the lower-case “i.” Now the issue should be fixed in your phone.

While the glitch was a little comical at first, users got tired of it pretty quickly. Jokes were almost as abundant on Twitter as the tweets of dissatisfaction with the new update were.

People weren’t really sure why it was happening at first.

While other said it made them feel kind of like they were playing a video game.

Or that it felt like using an Android device.

One user said that the issue was happening because Apple added an uppercase “I” emoji and there was a coding error happening when users tried to type the letter on its own.

Other people joked that it might be a ploy to get users to stop talking about themselves so much.

This issue crept up just after the release of Apple’s $1,000 device on Friday. People lined up outside of stores for hours or days to get one of the new devices, which of course, have had their fair share of issues since users took them out of the box. Some of those issues included activation problems and cracking glass (front and back).